A diversified team

We are privileged to offer you a multidisciplinary team ready to guide you in all your real estate expertise projects. In addition to the diversity of our skills, we are distinguished by our internationally renowned certifications, such as RICS, the World Order of International Surveyors, as well as sworn statements to the courts, which testify to our commitment and professional excellence on a global scale..

Mohamed Alami, MRICS real estate expert


General Management

Mohamed Alami is a renowned real estate appraiser, architect and graduate of the École Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris, with a degree in civil engineering. A member of RICS and Valuer registred, he is also a sworn legal expert, and a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Mediation Center and the World Order of International Experts. With over 30 years’ experience, he advises international clients on their real estate projects, providing invaluable advice on value enhancement.


Technical management

As a seasoned real estate appraiser, Saad Alami brings in-depth expertise in the precise analysis and valuation of real estate assets. With 10 years’ experience in the industry, he has worked on a wide range of properties, from individual residences to complex commercial complexes and state assets (Universities, Hospitals , etc.). He has worked with a variety of clients, including institutional investors, state institutions (e.g. CDG, CMR, CIMR), banking and financial organizations (Société Générale, Maroc Leasing, Crédit du Maroc, Crédit Agricole), and management companies (Reim Partners, Ajar Invest, Attijari REIM). Since 2019, he has supervised several teams in the valuation of large REIT portfolios (valued at over $1 billion) and contributed to the development and deployment of information systems dedicated to the real estate business.

Saad Alami, Real Estate valuer


A skilled team

The team led by these real estate appraisers is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals, experts in various aspects of real estate appraisal, and continually trained to keep abreast of industry best practices.


Wide range of action

Thanks to their extensive expertise and resources, this team operates across a vast geographical area, covering a diverse range of properties in different regions and countries.


Diversified skills

The team has a range of skills beyond traditional property valuation, including risk analysis, financial analysis and real estate investment consulting, enabling them to approach each project holistically and provide tailored strategic recommendations.

TeamWork Real Estate


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